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Anit Chatrath Life beyond dependence on alcohol

Anit Chatrath: Life beyond dependence on alcohol

When Anit joined Club Soda in March 2018, he already had 2 years of experience in keeping his dependence on alcohol at bay. But Anit, known in our group as Hove Kal-El, didn’t just get control over his binge drinking issues. In his own words, ‘I’m a firm believer that the party doesn’t stop just because you’re alcohol-free. It just begins actually’. Anit’s chat with Club Soda co-founder Laura about his inspiring journey from dependence on alcohol to a sober waitress who helped him find both sobriety and community is full of positivity and hope. His journey is a shining example of the support we give and receive to each other, and what makes Club Soda such a special place to be. Make yourself a cup of tea and take a listen to this brilliant episode.

Who is our podcast guest Anit Chatrath?

You might know him by his Facebook pen name Hove El-Kal, but Anit has been a member of our Club Soda community for nearly 5 years. Anit was already over 2 years sober when he joined us. Naturally, we wondered why he felt the need for a community around him after 2 years of successful change from his dependence on alcohol.

I’d lost former drinking buddies, and I thought actually, it’s been two and a half years now. It’d be really great to connect with like-minded people. So I searched for sober clubs on Facebook, found Club Soda… and then I posted just to say hi. I said hi, I’m Anit. I’m, you know, two and a half years in. I’ve got some really lovely welcomes. I mean the best friends I’ve ever made, have been the alcohol-free community, the best people I know. And you know, I’ve got brothers and sisters there that I will cherish for life. And I met them through the drinking festivals through Club Soda meetups as well.

Anit Chatrath, Club Soda community member

From alcohol dependence to alcohol-free

Anit’s story is all about the power of being positive about our life choices. And it all began with one woman – a barmaid in a hotel in Malta.

She saved my life, she gave me some food from the hotel restaurant, and she explained that she’d had a former drinking issue, and how she quit. And she’d noticed the signs in me and said that you know, this is going to be, you know, the end of you. And she explained to me how she learned that you know, how much damage one drink can do. And she’d been alcohol-free for a long period. So I actually decided that night to stop. I’m convinved that she’s a guardian angel.

Anit Chatrath, Club Soda community member

Anit has tried to contact this barmaid to let her know the impact one kind stranger can have on someone’s life. Loriana was a law student, and Anit tried in vain to get in touch with her. So, Loriana, if you’re reading this, get in touch!

How can you get involved in our supportive community?

If you’re battling with alcohol, Club Soda is here to help. Anit’s experience with Loriana is exactly what the power of community, support, and understanding can do. Join our encouraging and positive community, and you never know who is in exactly the same situation as you, kindred spirits to have good discussions, share advice, and have supportive friendships.

If you join one of our online courses, you’ll be invited to join our private Telegram group where you can chat about your learnings, and progress, and encourage each other.

And at the end of this month, Club Soda will be opening its new Tasting Rooms in London, so keep an eye out on our Events page for low and no alcohol drinks tasting and more in-person events.

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