The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Pause break button: The Club Soda podcast is taking a break

The Club Soda podcast is taking a break, but we’ll be back

Time to hit the pause button! We’re taking a short break from the Club Soda podcast.

If you’ve been a regular listener, thank you so much for your support. This podcast wouldn’t be possible without you, and we’re been incredibly grateful for your company each week.

Lots of exciting things are coming soon, though. Discover more in this preview episode with Dru Jaeger.

Right now, Noah Villeneuve is working on a new podcast series exploring alcohol-free drinks. He’ll be talking to beer, wine and spirit makers, diving deep into the world of non-alcoholic mood enhancers, and sharing his wisdom about making mindful cocktails.

And Dru is putting together new episodes on the basics of how to change your drinking. We’ll take you on a journey considering whether cutting down or quitting is right for you, how to take your first steps and how to keep going for the long term.

Meanwhile, we’ve got 120 episodes in our podcast back catalogue to explore. Check out our most popular episodes, including interviews with Rapper Dax about his hit Dear Alcohol, author Catherine Gray on sustaining long-term change and academic Dr Emma Davies on what we know about “normal” drinking. There’s so much to explore and lots to enjoy.

And Club Soda isn’t going anywhere. So come and visit our Tasting Room at 39 Drury Lane in London to discover a world of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks. Connect with us across social @joinclubsoda. And explore this website for drinks, articles, courses, events and more.

You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning and packed with ways to help you choose better alcohol-free drinks, change your drinking and connect with other people who are drinking less or not at all. Join the mailing now to find out when the next series of podcast episodes are going live.

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