The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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How not to drink during isolation advice

How not to drink during isolation. Advice from the best Part 1 – Podcast Episode 7

Things are a bit tough right now, the lockdown and isolation creates all sorts of challenges when it comes to alcohol. Whether you are making sure you maintain your sobriety, are sober curious, worried that your drinking has hit an all-time-high, or aiming for a #drycovid, we have advice from the brightest and the best in this week’s podcast episode.

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Like lots of small social impact businesses, demand for what we do at Club Soda is going up but our income has gone right down. If you like what we do, and you find our podcast and other content useful during isolation – please leave a tip here or join one of our behaviour change courses to help you, and us, through this time.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, of find it at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Club Soda founder and author of How to Be A Mindful Drinker Laura encourages you to ditch perfection and be kind to yourself during isolation. You are allowed to wallow a little!

Holly Whitaker Tempest

Holly Whitaker is author of a book we love How to Quit Like A Woman and founder of Tempest and Hip Sobriety. She has just celebrated 7 years alcohol-free in lockdown!

Getaway bar isolation

Allie from Getaway Bar in Brooklyn shares what is working for her as she has escaped the city and does not know when they will be able to reopen their awesome alcohol-free bar again.

Sober Dave, he’s our man, if he can do it anybody can! Helping others is one way he is maintaining his own goal. Hear more about his Instagram community and exercising in the garden.

What everyone is drinking during lockdown. 
Caleno, Lyres, Noughty, Wildlife Botanicals, Heineken 0.0, Lucky Saint, Three Spirits, Real Kombucha
What everyone is drinking during lockdown:
Caleno, Lyre’s, Noughty, Wildlife Botanicals, Heineken 0.0, Lucky Saint, Three Spirits, Real Kombucha

Scott Proud & Sober

Scott Pearson from Proud and Sober is also supporting others with a Caleno in his hand! He is partnering with Queers Without Beers to provide an online weekly meetup for the sober and mindfully drinking LGBTQI+ community.


Mental health expert Ruth Cooper Dickson from wellness company Champs is recommending we set boundaries for ourselves during this time.


Nicola Owen is a Club Soda member from Manchester. As well as teaching children she has just set up her own company called Zennic Wellbeing and is supporting our community with online Monday Evening Wellbeing sessions.


Janey Lee Grace is a BBC Radio 2 presenter and self-care guru – so much so that she has devised an acronym to help you during this time. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Caleno, Lyre’s, Noughty, Wildlife Botanicals, Heineken 0.0, Lucky Saint, and Three Spirits are all member brands of Club Soda, and contribute towards the social impact work we do, but they have no control over how we write about them or the answers given by the participants in the podcast.

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