The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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not drinking for a month

What to drink when you’re not drinking for a month

Not drinking for a month can be challenging, and we know may of you will be giving it a go this coming January. Discovering delicious alcohol-free drinks can be a great way to maintain your motivation and satisfy the need for something grown-up to sup. Our monthly subscription boxes allow you to taste a variety of drinks at an excellent price point. This month, the contents of our Discovery Box are worth over £41, and you’ll pay just £24.99. Remember to order yours from Wise Bartender before the 4th of January.

Here’s what you can expect in our January Discovery Box.

Fluere Unfiltered Raspberry Blend

This beautiful pink spirit is smooth drinking and bursting with fresh raspberry flavour. This is balanced with a subtle blend of botanicals, making for a refreshing, grown-up pour. It has a finish that really lasts, an impressive feat without the alcohol. We mixed with tonic water, but you could also try mixing it with kombucha or alcohol-free fizz. For garnishing, try fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint or basil. You can buy this directly from their website where you’ll also find great ideas for using their products in cocktails. Alternatively you can order from Amazon, Harvey Nichols, and Ocado.

Ceder’s Pink Rose

Another delightful pink spirit, Ceder’s Pink Rose boasts plenty of juniper and balances a classic gin profile with soft floral notes of rose and hibiscus. If you’re a gin lover and you’re not drinking for a month, finding a spirit alternative can be a really useful tool. Remember that choosing a quality mixer is just as important as finding a good spirit. Look for something with complimentary flavours, or go for a classic tonic from a reputable brand. You can buy Ceder’s direct from their website, Amazon, Ocado, and a number of other retailers.


This refreshing brew ticks a lot of boxes. Not only is UNLTD Lager alcohol-free, it is also vegan, gluten-free, low in calories (just 23kcal per bottle), and packed full of vitamins. This has a slightly sweet malt base with notes of honey and caramel, balanced with a bright citrus hop character and a subtle bitterness. Buy it from their website, Wise Bartender, or Amazon.

Goodrays Elderflower & Yuzu Seltzer

Goodrays specialise in CBD products, including oils, gummies, and drinks. This Natural CBD seltzer is made with 30mg of relaxing Colorado-grown CBD. Sharp, zesty yuzu meets sweet, floral elderflower in this delicate sparkling pour. At just 33kcal per can, this is low in calories and also vegan. If you want to understand a little more about CBD, check out their website. Order direct from Goodrays, Amazon, or All Things Drink.

PURA Soda Seville Orange

PURA Soda focus on creating natural flavours without adding sugar or colourants. Their Seville Orange soda pours clear and has a soft, juicy orange flavour to it. It tastes like biting into a segment of citrus fruit. Delicious as a stand alone drink, or you could try mixing it with your favourite alcohol-free spirits. Buy it from their website or Amazon.

Need some help with not drinking for a month?

If you want to take a break from alcohol but you’re not sure how to get started, Club Soda create loads of resources to help you on your journey. Our courses help you to reflect on your drinking habits and decide how you want to change them. You’ll find our book on Amazon or Audible, and we also release weekly podcast episodes.

Please note, the contents of our Discovery Box are subject to change. Many brands are facing challenges with packaging and shipping, and sometimes we may need to substitute with a different product. We will always aim to swap for a similar product.

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