The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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How have the drinking habits of Club Soda members changed in lockdown?


This report has the findings from an online survey of Club Soda members on their drinking habits during Covid-19 lockdown. There is also a brief summary on our blog.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in lockdowns and other protective measures around the world. These events can be expected to have major impacts on people’s drinking habits as well. We wanted to find out how members of Club Soda, an alcohol misuse peer support community, have changed their alcohol use during the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns.

This report summarises the findings from an online survey of Club Soda members in April and May 2020.

The results support the conclusion from other surveys that people’s alcohol use is polarising: the heaviest drinkers are drinking even more, whereas moderate drinkers are drinking less. This increase in the most problematic drinking is likely to lead to worse health and wellbeing for these individuals in future, as well as an increasing need for support and treatment services.

You can also read a brief summary of the findings on our blog.

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