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Lockdown book review: 6 books for handling big emotions and living well

For many of us, lockdown is a pressure cooker of big emotions. Whether we’re idly […]

Ruby Warrington, Wise Bartender, sober playbooks, better pubs, is AF beer healthy? Podcast Episode 5

In Club Soda podcast Episode 5 we talk to Ruby Warrington and Wise Bartender, discuss health benefits of alcohol-free beer, and learn about sober playbooks.

New quit lit and mindful drinking books for 2020 – review

We review some of the new books for 2020: quit lit, mindful drinking, personal stories, self-help, and alcohol-free drink recipes and reviews.

The White Horse Bookshop

Phlox Book Shop

An independent bookshop serving Allpress coffee, local craft beer and delicious wine!

Review: 2019 Sober and Mindful Drinking Books

Just like this time last year, there are several books coming out about mindful drinking […]

2018 books for mindful drinking and quitting alcohol

If you were ever in any doubt that mindful drinking is the health trend of […]

DRY: a recipe book of “non-alcoholic cocktails, cordials and clever concoctions”

We love a good alcohol-free concoction, and there is a brand new, beautiful book out […]

Your book prescription

Can reading a book help you moderate or quit drinking? It was World Book Day […]

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