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Review: 2019 Sober and Mindful Drinking Books

Just like this time last year, there are several books coming out about mindful drinking […]

2018 books for mindful drinking and quitting alcohol

If you were ever in any doubt that mindful drinking is the health trend of […]

DRY: a recipe book of “non-alcoholic cocktails, cordials and clever concoctions”

We love a good alcohol-free concoction, and there is a brand new, beautiful book out […]

Your book prescription

Can reading a book help you moderate or quit drinking? It was World Book Day […]

Books, Alcohol & You

Reading and drinking “There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the […]

Fun Without Alcohol

In this week’s blog, Club Soda member Sarah tells us the story of her journey to being alcohol-free, and discovering the fun she never thought she’d have.

Writing for Self Discovery Half Day Workshop

We are offering a half day introductory workshop in Writing for Self Discovery in an accessible venue in North West London.

The workshop will involve writing creatively in response to different prompts given by the facilitators. You will be encouraged to look at yourself and your personal narrative. Using expressive writing we will explore areas such as identity, home, relationships and place in the world. This can help develop your awareness of how writing can be used to give you new perspectives and improve your wellbeing. Everyone has a unique voice and stories to tell. We encourage creative ways to express this in a safe and friendly environment.

Brighton Evening Social. Autumn 2019

Ella hosts our Brighton Social. The Walrus is stone’s throw from the beach with a labyrinth of rooms, passageways, hidden garden & music & cabaret venue.

The menu offers classic & contemporary dishes with vegetarian, plant-based & gluten-free options. 

Alcohol-free drinks include Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer, Apple & Rhubarb, Strawberry & Raspberry, & Lemon & Elderflower sodas, Becks Blue & rotating Mocktails.

Alcohol & Uni: Anna’s story

University student Anna tells us her story from disastrous nights out, to six months of no alcohol.

Kingston Upon Thames Lunch Social. Autumn 2019

Rosalyn hosts our lunch social at Côte Brasserie Kingston.

Côte looks out across the river Thames and is an ideal venue for an early Autumn get together. The large menu has Vegetarian and Vegan options plus Heineken 0.0, La Mortuacienne Cloudy Lemonade, Orangina and a selection of Juices to drink.

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