The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Christmas with the Club Soda team

There’s a whole team of people behind Club Soda, and in this Christmas Eve podcast episode, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain to introduce you to team members Ali, Nia, and Anja. All three Club Soda team members have personal experiences with either sober Christmases or moderation during what is usually a booze-soaked time of year.  They talk to co-founder Dru about all things hangover-free and festive.

Christmas is a time of year laden with expectations of a perfect, Hallmark movie-style Christmas. The minute that you project the need to be perfect on to any event, the chance of it not being perfect is incredibly high. This causes stress and anxiety for anyone, but especially if you’re moderating your drinking or have recently quit.

If this is your first sober or mindful drinking Christmas, then this is a valuable listen. This is a chance to get to know the Club Soda team and learn their tactics to navigate a successful moderate Christmas. The Club Soda team discuss distractions, planning, how to find joy in other ways, favourite alcohol-free festive drinks, and whether or not sprouts really ruin a Christmas dinner or not…

Who are your Christmas Club Soda team?

Ali Press

Ali is a long-time friend and volunteer at Club Soda who now helps to put together and market our fantastic monthly subscription boxes. Ali is also an admin on Club Soda’s Facebook page and groups and has in the past organised many of our in-person events such as walking groups. A glass of hot Gimber, watching Gremlins, spending quality time with friends, and listening to camp singing at The Duke of Wellington on Christmas Eve is what Christmas is all about for Ali.

Anja Madhvani

Anja is the Club Soda team drinks writer and beer expert. Having worked in the Drinks and Hospitality industry, Club Soda members might recognise Anja from our online alcohol-free drinks tastings. As well as being a marathon runner, Anja’s Christmas preferences are to skip roast dinners altogether and instead curl up with a glass of mulled apple juice while watching ‘The Holiday’.

Nia Jenkins

Nia is the newest member of the team, having joined in 2019. She writes optimised articles for the Club Soda website to make sure that those who are looking online get the support they need. Nia also conducts our Inspiring Stories interviews. On her 8th sober Christmas, Nia’s looking forward to tucking into some alcohol-free Espresso Martinis made with Lyre’s Coffee Originale while waiting for Father Christmas.

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